For a long time I had a certain talent for procrastination. I can’t say it was entirely from being lazy, I believe a good portion of it came from fear. I managed to kick my procrastination habits on the artistic frontier although they remain in other areas.

I’ve kinda turned into a hermit because of my art focus and while it sounds good to say I paint 7 days a week you eventually burn out. There were times I just didn’t feel like painting and I had to learn that that’s ok. You need that balance. I recently got back into playing video games after neglecting them for years. I didn’t want to play them because I knew in the past I let them consume me. I needed a little more variety in my life so I decided to step back into it carefully . . . . . and I’m happy to say now that I have a healthy addiction to making art I am able to control my impulse to play video games for hours on end.

In a weak attempt to tie a piece of art into this post . . . .the painting is of Gabby Douglas

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