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POC Jesus

This started out as a commissioned piece but it turned into more than that for me. Like many that grew up as a Christian you grew up with this image of Jesus or something similer. Thinking back I always found it a little creepy and as a got older and learned more about who Jesus […]

What’s your superpower

Overthinking. Turning your weakness into a strength

Giving 100 when working for yourself

Creating Peace of Mine

Peace of Mine This was a challenging piece.  Someone contacted me about a piece I had for sale that they liked but wished it had a different background color. I offered to do an original for the same price and they accepted.  The challenge came in the form of time constraints. They needed the piece […]

Don’t do it for the likes

Scifi Fan art

I’m not sure why it’s been a rule for me but I for the most part avoid doing a lot of “fanart”.  I’m sure in some ways it’s held me back as far as exposure but dammit I do what i want lol.  Sometimes however I bend my own rules and do some pieces that […]


I recently had an opportunity to design something for my favorite podcast FanBros “ is a natural extension of the FanBrosShow podcast, with articles, reviews and previews that focus on exploring the diverse world of nerd culture and all that it represents. From editorials to the latest news of the day you can find everything […]

Live Painting

Did some live painting over the weekend.  The first time I did live painting was while I had a show up at Lowe Mill.  It was s fun experience but kinda weird because people kept walking up behind me watching and I didn’t realize they were there haha.  This time i was setup outside of […]

T-shirt design

I had an opportunity to design a couple of shirts for The Artery “Designed locally, printed locally, free range organic models sourced locally We have awesome t-shirts designed by our very own artists; Christina Wegman, Anthony Cavins, Jena Salvetti, and Marcella Roberts. We partnered with Green Pea Press for printing and they did an amazing […]


A new photoshoot More photos on flickr

Judith’s Daughter

“A wise woman wishes to be no one’s enemy; a wise woman refuses to be anyone’s victim.” – Maya Angelou This is one of the first pieces I began for my most recent show “Wait, Let me Delineate”. 23×23 on panel  

What i’m working on right now

This piece started out as a quick project to do for a live painting session I did at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment.  It evolved into a much bigger undertaking and the challenge has been fun. I started out with a photoshoot with a friend with a vague concept in mind into a piece I […]

Oh yea I’m also a photographer

When I’m not painting, which is 80% of the time, I try to find time to do some photography. I actually was doing photography before I started taking painting seriously. Photography has helped me with the color choice and compositions I create when painting. Anywho, here some pics from a shoot I did recently.  She’s […]

Lupita Nyong’o

Sometimes as an artist you see someone and you know you have to paint them. That’s what happened here, she’s beautiful and I’ve been wanting to paint someone with darker skin for awhile now

Ray Gun, new in box

“Ray gun” art print of an original painting from my show entitled “Wait Let Me Delineate” 12×16. I wanted to combine the elegance of an old pirate gun with the awesomeness that is a ray gun. I had fun doing this piece, figuring out how it would work, how it would fit in the hand, […]

Wait, let me delineate

Alright so I’ve been thinking way to hard about what I should call my show (March 7th), so after harassing a few choice friends about it I decided instead of trying to be all mystical and deep and clever I’d just call it something else entirely. So please join me March 7th at Lowe Mill ARTS […]

Knowledge of Good & Evil

Parenting is all about the long game. It’s important to teach kids about the negative and positive things in this world.  Balance in all things. I truly fear for my son more than I’d like to admit.  It’s more important than ever to give your kids the tools to survive in this world.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Big KRIT is easily one of my favorite artists and Rich Dad Poor Dad is one of my favorite songs.  I have been following his work for a few years now and had the privilege of going to show not long ago.  His music is meaningful, heartfelt, and he is passionate about what he does. […]

My next art show – Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment

Anthony Cavins creates unique space themed paintings, revealing his love for science fiction and background in graphic design, photography, and sculpture, on canvas or panel surfaces. By treating every opportunity as a learning experience, his approach to art allows him to envision anything as inspiration. Cavins is constantly learning new techniques from fellow visual artists, as […]

Commission tips

I came across this video a couple of weeks ago and figured I’d share. It you plan to be a “working artist” it’s important to get you business together and learn how to deal with clients.  One of the most important things I’ve learned in my short carrier is to ask for half up front. […]