The evolution of Still I Rise

Still I Rise oil painting by Anthony Cavins 2013

The evolution of Still I Rise

I usually try to finish a painting over a 3 week period.  I realized I need deadlines or else I’ll either slack off or I’ll over analyze a piece and never complete it.  I randomly came across the model I used for this piece on the internet and she was kind enough (and didn’t think i was creepy for asking) to allow me to use her as a reference.  Over time I got to know her and was able to really see her spirit and who she was.  The friendship actually guided the painting in a different direction and helped me title the piece. I honestly don’t’ remember what my initial direction was for the piece, I just really wanted to paint her because over her unique look.  I’m glad it evolved into something that’s meaningful. It’s important as artists to know how to let go and let a piece evolve.

Thanks Erika.

I have prints of this piece available.

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