“I painted some people that inspire me.” – Coming 1.23.13

“I painted some people that inspire me.” – Coming 1.23.13

 Well hello there,

So I decided instead of waiting for the next opportunity to do a show I’d create my own.  I missed the challenge to meet a deadline and having a set goal.

If you checked out my last show online you’ll notice I included lyrics from musical artists that I felt went a long with the piece.  This time around I decided to pick 5 people that have inspired me this year.  Most of them create music and music is one of my main influences.

The show will be online, on this page, on my birthday (you still have time to shop) January 23, 2013.  Put that on you calendar and come back.

Oh umm there won’t be snack’s because . . . .you know . . . this is the internet but you can grab your snack of choice and sit down and check out the show.  I hope that I’ll be able to display the show in the physical world one day but until then . . . .

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