Eric Thomas

Pain is Temporary

If you ever felt like sleeping in, like you couldn’t achieve something, like it was too much effort to get out of bed and go to the bathroom . . . . ok well maybe not so much the last one . . . . anyway Eric Thomas is the guy that will tell you it can be done.  I have known of him since my early teen years but I recently rediscovered him and his TGIM series (he also has a book). One of the most moving talks for me was his video Pain is Temporary.  I have nerve damage in my hands that makes it painful for me to even do my job at times, so this spoke to me in a real way. He’s a great motivational speaker that went from being homeless to speaking to students, corporations, and pro athletes.  He’s part of the reason that I don’t get enough sleep but more importantly the reason I push myself to finite and beyond.

Thanks ET.

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