My next art show – Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment

circuitous passing scifi painting

My next art show – Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment

Art show Anthony Cavins Lowe MillAnthony Cavins creates unique space themed paintings, revealing his love for science fiction and background in graphic design, photography, and sculpture, on canvas or panel surfaces. By treating every opportunity as a learning experience, his approach to art allows him to envision anything as inspiration. Cavins is constantly learning new techniques from fellow visual artists, as well as from music artists. Though he is not a musician himself, by studying music fundamentals he can apply the same concepts to art making. Cavins’s art also asks the view to consider different perspectives with questions about relationships formed between passing strangers he has observed from life.

“I personally believe it is your responsibility as someone with an audience or a talent to say something.  It’s not enough for me to just put things in the universe, they also need to be meaningful even if it’s only meaningful to me. Art is therapy for me and I believe I’ve been given the gift to be a creator in order to help others. I’m not comfortable with only being a mirror to society, I refuse to be limited in that way.

My goal with my art is to say something in a world filled with nonsensical ramblings.  I also want to show other people that they can follow their dreams and be who they are meant to be. —Anthony Cavins”

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