POC Jesus

POC Jesus

This started out as a commissioned piece but it turned into more than that for me. Like many that grew up as a Christian you grew up with this image of Jesus or something similer.

Thinking back I always found it a little creepy and as a got older and learned more about who Jesus was, what he stood for and , well, geography I knew it was totally wrong.  There are many that say he is black, which I don’t have a strong opinion about but I am fairly certain he didn’t have blond hair and blue eyes. Also in this depiction looks mad soft and I wouldn’t consider a homeless carpenter soft.

Anywho a relative who is a pastor request I develop a painting for his office.  His main request was for it not to be a “white Jesus”.  This inspired me and I got to work looking for a reference that would fit what I believe is a more accurate depiction.  It wasn’t just about skin color and ethnic features for me, I was searching for a look in his eyes.  I eventually stumbled onto an image of a homeless man from India (I think).  The description said he was homeless but he had a sense of hope and sadness in his eyes.  When i saw it I knew it was perfect and the rest is history I guess you could say.

My son always tells me my paintings are creepy because they are always looking at him but eyes are important to conveying an emotion so I always focus on them. My goal was a balance of compassion and wisdom.  I have to say I was pleased with the reaction form people, they really like it and I think it said a lot of things I would struggle to explain in words.





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