Scifi Fan art

chewbacca fan art painting by Anthony Cavins

Scifi Fan art

I’m not sure why it’s been a rule for me but I for the most part avoid doing a lot of “fanart”.  I’m sure in some ways it’s held me back as far as exposure but dammit I do what i want lol.  Sometimes however I bend my own rules and do some pieces that were inspired by movies/television/books.  The pieces seem to go over well and I always try to find a way to add my twist to them, make them different then all the other fan art out there.

Anywho so far I have done Spock (from Star Trek), Geordi LaForge (also from Star Trek) and Chewbacca (from Star Wars).  I am currently finishing up a painting of Rey from the latest installment of Star Wars, The Force Awakens. I look forward to doing more pieces here and there and I have prints available of the pieces I’ve done so far, the originals sold pretty quick.

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