What are those? – I See Pixels Podcast Ep 1

What are those? – I See Pixels Podcast Ep 1

Whats are those? - I See Pixels Design Podcast Ep 1This is the first episode of our brand new “I See Pixels Podcast”, created by David and Anthony Cavins. We are both graphic and web designers so we created a platform to discuss design in everyday situations.

In our first episode “What are those?” we discuss branding vs. good design. Do we like Nike’s because we have been programmed by the system or is it just because they have a good design? We discuss Nike‘s design principles, Brandblacks design direction, we slander Reebok for their new logo, and cover why Under Armour, while having a great product has issues integrating their designs with their logo. We also discuss Fila, Sketchers running shoes, and a small s/o to Champion.

Aside from name dropping we discuss the importance of creating branding that works for you and the direction your company is going.

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