Shiny bits

Shiny bits

988361_10151997440382300_183513431_nI’m not to proud to admit that I am ever learning.  Actually I’m proud of it, as someone wise probably said “A person open to learning is wise indeed”.  But yea, so I’m trying to get better at painting shiny metal, it’s one of the harder things to do.  I found looking at a reference helps but I’m usually painting something that doesn’t’ exist so finding a reference proves to be difficult.  I have these two shiny Halloween masks that seem to be helping out but I still have a long way to go before i feel I’ve mastered it.

This past weekend I got to check out and meat Donato Giacola and his work and technique really inspired me to keep growing.

Here’s me looking intrigued, I actually looked at the pieces much closer than pictured so that I can learn his skill, kinda like Sylar from Heroes . . .but with out the murder part.

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