To Finite & Beyond

I hope you’ll join me for my Art Show at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment. The reception will be June 15th from 6 – 8pm.  The show will be on display through the month of June.

“To Finite and Beyond” marks a new direction for artist Anthony Cavins.
The title’s allusion to Buzz Lightyear sets the stage for our journey through the strange, yet familiar. Toy Story played with our perspective by making us look at the world through the eyes of plastic creatures. “To Finite and Beyond” takes us one step (or is it a giant leap?) further. Like Norman Rockwell, the artist uses the motifs of classic Americana as a mirror.

In Anthony’s latest work, Americana might be a mirror transported from another planet: after all, to an alien, we probably look as silly as those cartoon little green men. Or is this mirror left over from a more optimistic past: one where we could still pretend that traveling to other planets would let us escape from ourselves?

Anthony Cavins is a designer, photographer, and multimedia artist based in Huntsville, AL. Anthony earned a bachelor’s degree in studio art from the University of Alabama, Huntsville. He is a graphic designer at Interweave Technologies, and works as a freelance photographer.